Our mission is to empower, educate, enhance and improve the quality of life for youth through weekly Counseling, Mentoring, Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, College and Exposure Tours. Our focus is working with youth. We want to bring out the best in each youth by elevating their minds through education and exposure so they can realize anything in life is possible. Our goal is to work with youth to reduce or eliminate high school dropout, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco use, juvenile crime and sexually transmitted diseases. We want to see an increase in high school graduates among African American, Caucasians and Hispanic students and an increase in the same population attending a higher learning institute after graduation. Our vision is to make each youth a productive, law abiding, well-rounded citizen of the United States of America. (TEET, Inc. serves at-risk youth in Sarasota, Pinellas and Orange Counties no matter of the race or ethnic background.)

TEET, Inc. operates year round and is closed during national holidays. It is a grass-root program founded in 1994 and did not become a 501(C) 3 organization until 2003. TEET, Inc. saw a need for additional services in the African American and Hispanic communities due to the fact that the students in those communities were dropping out of high school at an alarming rate, drug, alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy and juvenile crime were increasing.

TEET, Inc. is giving the youth opportunities they would not have had. Most of them are from low income families or families residing in the Housing Communities. The weekly enrichment classes and counseling are enriching their lives and teaches them to say No to the evils of society and Yes to completing high school, attending college, working and becoming self sufficient.

TEET, Inc. is funded in part by private donors, grants, Suncoast Workforce Board and the Florida Network of Children and Family Services and is a CINS and FINS Program (Children In Need Of Services and Families In Need Of Services).