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Success Stories and Testimonials
Thaise Educational Exposure Tours Inc.:   Just mentioning the name of this company almost brings me to tears. This program has helped better not only me as an individual, but my life as a whole. These words cannot explain half of how much this company meant and means to me. The program has had a positive impact and influence on my life in many ways. The program encouraged me to be better at any and everything I encounter, to be a better student, role model, leader, difference maker not only in our community but in the world.
There were many constructive functions that were provided by Thaise Educational Exposure Tours Inc. Benefits such as, Proper etiquette courses, Community employment fairs, prominent guest speaker seminars etc. Out of all of those wonderful activities that were at our disposal courtesy of the program the one that left a lifelong impression on my life were the College Tours. The college tours was one the most amazing things that I have ever experienced in my adolescent years. They allowed me to site see and broaden my train of thought. They also showed me there is more to life than just my immediate surroundings. To name a few of my many favorite places and attractions we were afforded the opportunity to traveled to and visited were almost every college and university within Florida, The White House, Canada, and even a cruise to Nausea Bahamas.
The tours helped put in prospective all of the positive knowledge that Mrs. Teresa Clove and the program were instilling in us. It most importantly encouraged me to want more out of life and that it is really attainable coupled with hard work and dedication in and outside the classroom. It gave me the drive I needed to want to pursue a post-secondary education. The sad part about it is, “If it was not for the program I probably would have never traveled outside the State of Florida.”
I could literally go on and on about the importance of this program not only to me but to the communities it supports as well. It has honestly become in my opinion one of the most if not the only positive programs in the State of Florida focused on preparing and grooming disadvantaged kids for success!
In conclusion, I was a child who grew up with all the odds stacked against me. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, single parent home, no father figure, with two younger brothers and one older sister whose mother was dealing with drug addiction, and in a community that glorified doing anything negative and if you did anything positive you were looked at as an outcast.  Thaise Educational Exposure Tours Inc. helped me to defy those odds!
I later graduated high school with honors. I went on to become the first person in my family to attend and graduate from a post-secondary institution. I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, minor in Business Management from Florida A&M University. Had it not been for Thaise Educational Exposure Tours Inc.  I may not have even been here today to write this testimonial. But instead the program helped turn what could have been a sob story, into an inspiration and success story! This is only a snippet of the amount of greatness this program has helped instill within me.
P.S. When the director Mrs. Teresa Clove retires one day, I hope she gives me the honor and privilege to keep the program active at a high level and able to continue to give back, change and impact kids life across the world.                    
Talmadge F. Morton
P.O. Box 20624 Tallahassee, Fl 32316

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